Guitar, Bass, and Ukulele lessons

I have been a guitar instructor for over 20 years, teaching in student's homes in the Boston area and at BMR Music in Malden, MA. I have also been teaching bass and ukulele for the past 10 years as well. I have a Berklee education, professional equipment and a positive attitude. It is my goal to inspire my students to love playing music as much as I do. In addition to teaching the fundamentals of music and technique, I like to record my students performing as much as possible, so they can truly hear their progress, and have something concrete that they can listen to and share with their friends and family. Most of all, I like to encourage my students to have fun and be creative. Playing music is a blast, and I'd love to show you how!



"I've been taking lessons from Don for over ten years now, since I was 15. Don does a fantastic job connecting with students of all ages and skill levels because he's super nice, an insanely talented musician, and a great teacher. But more importantly, Don has this remarkable way of keeping you very interested in the material you're trying to master. If you want to learn guitar, and maybe even enjoy the music you love in other really cool and fascinating ways, this is without a doubt the guy to see." 

-Ryan G.

Don is the consummate combination of musician and music teacher. Don is an excellent mentor for any guitarist, of any skill level, of any age. Don has a unique way of engaging his students to excel and learn what really interests them about music. Don partners well with both casual students and serious students alike to steer them down the path to their own musical success. Don truly cares about his students, their goals, and their progress, and he spent many hours to make me the musician I am. I cannot imagine where I’d stand musically without Don’s incredibly formative influence. Don took my strong love of music and gave it drive, direction, discipline, and form. I also love jamming with him at open mics and seeing his bands play! Don is THE definition of ROCK!

-Gavin C.

"Don has been my instructor for 4 years and in that time, he has taught me a great deal. The progress that I've made under his instruction has been amazing. I'm now able to confidently shred a solo, which never in my life was imaginable! "

-Ariana B.

"As a parent of one of Don's students, I highly recommend him as a guitar teacher. He really cares about the student's progress and is always available for assistance."

-Ariana's Mom

"Don Schulze was my guitar teacher growing up in Malden when I was in Middle School. Going in with no music experience but an interest, Don transformed me into a guitarist and inspired me to become a musician. Don helped guide me the entire time and taught me both core lessons and songs that I wanted to play. The lessons I've learned still stick with me today. As a music and sound recording major at the University of New Haven, I credit Don with both teaching me and inspiring me about the vast world of music."

-Cameron K.

Student Performances

Here are a few video clips of some of my students performing.

Student recordings

Here are a few recordings my students have made.

"Weight of Love"       The Black Keys cover by Ariana B.

"Mercy"                  Muse cover                 by Nicolas P.

"Never Forget"    Original Song              by Frank C.

"Blackbird"                      The Beatles cover          by Kim H.    

"Love Song"                    Sara Barielles cover       by Ariana B.

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